So You Want to Start Printing…

If you just want to print something look for files online. The easiest files to use are .stl and .obj depending on the type of printer you have.

Step 1: Go to or google “sites like thingiverse” to find a model you want. You can also just Google something like “.stl bird”. Not all files that you find are necessarily free.

Step 2: Download and save.

Step 3: Open with a computer that has a slicer that is connected to the 3D printer. If you’re using a MakerBot Printer, use MakerBot Desktop. If you’re using the FormLabs Form 1+, open PreForm.

Step 4: Make sure the object is printable (on the platform, not too much overhang without support, scaled correctly, etc.) and press print.

Step 5: Wait for it to finish and take off the platform with the spatula.

If you want to design something:



Completing the Look and Choosing a Name

A quick and exciting update about the CSU Print Lab:

We have lab coats! It’s a bit unconventional considering we are working with 3D printers, but it is especially convenient when working with the Form 1+ resin printer and Future Make Polyes Q1, not to mention it just feels right. We now look the part of professional 3D printing experts and we will soon have our own personalized 3D printed name badges to go along.

11214316_1722997631255134_2411208875263327583_n 11998825_1722997627921801_6275947321068186024_n

The second thing is that we have officially decided to call the lab “The Bot Cave.” This is partially due to my position as Alfred and the secluded nature of the lab room. The overall idea, however, is that the Bat Cave was always a technologically advanced setting with the intention of improving the lives of others. Though Batman’s Bat Cave worked on a larger, more crime-based scale, our Bot Cave operates to improve educators’ abilities and technological understanding. This will improve the lives of each and every student these educators will teach, so I think it’s basically the same thing if not better.