FlashForge Delivery

I ordered FlashForge Creator Pro from Amazon. I kept a close eye on when it was supposed to arrive.

I was very excited when the box finally arrived. The UPS delivery man rang the doorbell and by the time I got to the door, he was walking away. He said that it was too heavy to take to the door just to see if I’m home. Finally, he came back with it. Sure enough, it was heavy. The box came from China and¬†through customs at LAX. It looked a¬†little beat up.


Make sure you are there to receive the package. The box is rather awkward to fit into a car.

Test Print FFCreator Pro

This is my first test print. Once I looked online that it was what I had printed already but taller, I paused the print just so I could see what it looked it. There was about 30% left. I think I did a pretty good job leveling the print bed.



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