Mario Question Box (Incomplete)

I had yellow filament loaded. What to print? The other extruder fan is still cracked so I can only print single extruder for now. Looking on thingiverse, I stumbled upon the Mario question box. I set my printer to print and 45 minutes later, the bed lowered and it was done. I was super excited until I saw what happened. It was an incomplete print. ReplicatorG said that it was 100% done. See the picture for yourself. IMG_7431

Test Print FFCreator Pro

This is my first test print. Once I looked online that it was what I had printed already but taller, I paused the print just so I could see what it looked it. There was about 30% left. I think I did a pretty good job leveling the print bed.IMG_7430


I have decided to blog about at least a print a day. Some days I will print more than one, but I will pace myself to blog about one a day. I received my FlashForge April 21, 2015. The first shipment of MakerBots arrived on campus May 7, 2015. FormLabs 1+ arrived June 1, 2015. I will rotate between them for this Print-a-Day endeavor.