Moving Day!

The MakerBots have finally moved! Their tragic lives in a mobile home was just too difficult for everyone involved, so they have relocated to a quaint complex on a classroom counter overlooking a sea of eager college students. The move was long and arduous, but well worth the effort. Now they will never have to worry about traveling up and down the elevator, wandering between classrooms, and crowding the office of one unlucky college professor. Their nomadic lives have come to an end.

Of course, this change did not bring about sudden personality changes among the Bots. Careful planning was done to ensure maximum productivity from each printer. The MakerBot Replicators, RoboBot and IronBot, reside on the ends of the row to watch over their young children and protect them from the horrors of the walls. RoboBot and ProdigalBot are on opposite ends of the complex with the hopes that they will encourage other printers to strive for greatness. BatBot and IronBot had to be separated to avoid any “my-stick-is-bigger” arguments and show-offy behavior. Last but certainly not least, Pinny was moved in directly next door to RoboBot because without her Homie there’s no one else to teach her how to survive on the streets.


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