Our Cast

Since we have one of each of FF Creator Pro and FormLabs 1+, and they behave like they should, they don’t have names other than “Creator Pro” and “1+”.

MakerBots on the other hand…

  • IronBot – A Replicator 5th gen that requires constant stroking of the ego to reassure that the filament jam is not a filament jam, and to continue printing.
  • RoboBot – A Replicator 5th gen that has been printing fine. I’m holding my breath because of the other MakerBot’s issues.
  • Pinny – A Replicator Mini that was printing fine but had a slight rattling noise whenever she was moved. We think there may be a pin stuck or something.
  • Homie – A Replicator Mini that constantly displays homing and thermocoupling errors. He’s louder than the rest and works fine on the rare occasion he works.
  • ProdigalBot – A Replicator Mini that has worked from day one. ProdigalBot is the litmus test for extruders. If they fail on ProdigalBot, the extruder needs to go.
  • (Returned) ScarFace – A Replicator Mini that printed fine, but when it came in, had a deep scratch on the front that someone tried to cover up with a Sharpie.


  • (Returned) Picasso (Dali) – A Replicator Mini that could not print straight for the life of him. Picasso replaced ScarFace. I almost regret returning ScarFace if these printers were going to be this unreliable.


This was supposed to be a cube with the CSU logo on top.

  • BatBot – A Replicator Mini that printed great out of the box. BatBot was a refurbished mini that customer service sent out because I would have to wait a month for the a new one. Being in the middle of STEM Honors camp, waiting was not an option especially because of the other jamming extruders. BatBot replaced Picasso.

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