Coffee Table Test Print

Do not try to rip the coffee table off the print bed by holding any part of the coffee table. Invest in a scraper. I use the Cricut Craft Spatula. It’s thin enough to lift scrapbook paper off a glue pad. I left it in a different room and decided that I have pulled enough prints off the print bed by hand, and this print was no different.

The corner would not come up. I broke a leg. Pulling the build plate tape didn’t help either.


I walked up two flights of stairs and down a hallway to get the spatula…

T Rex Skull Upper Jaw

So when I printed the top skull, the mini asked me to resize again, and I said yes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.53.48 PM

I’m sure they know I’m resizing for a Mini, right?

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.56.18 PM


The mini resized the jaw to fit on the printbed, but the jaw was parallel to theĀ printbed. The skull was resized to fit the printbed as well, but theĀ skull was facing upward. There were two scales going on. Had I paid attention, I would have had to set the scale for the skull to match the jaw. Mr. T Rex has a severe overbite.


**note: top picture was taken with webcam in GoogleHangouts.

T-Rex Skull Lower Jaw

Printed the lower jaw of the T Rex Skull I found on Thingiverse here. I printed this on the Replicator Mini and it asked if I wanted to resize. I didn’t think anything of it, and clicked yes so that it would print…


And it printed fine. See next day for why you should not do so without thinking it through.